Snyder Gallery Your Online Gallery of Different Kinds of Arts

What Are We?

We Are An Online Gallery

An online gallery is a website with photos, videos, and other media content. There are many different styles of these sites. Still, they often have beautiful designs that users can change or customize for business purposes, such as branding your company’s identity on them!

What does this mean? An “online Gallery” allows you to upload any pictures from social networking websites like Instagrammed pictures straight into this space- which makes it easier than ever before because remember those times when we were all stuck using old platforming technologies where every image had its folder inside our computer hard drives folders system file extension etcetera.

What we Show?

Digital Art

Digital art is a type of artwork where the media used is a computer. This may be any digital graphic, video, or audio that can be stored in a file for display on different devices such as smartphones and computers

what are examples of digital art? Many people love to doodle these days even though they have never taken an art class in their lives! Digital Artworks are also created through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other online forums where artists can share these digital artworks with the world while interacting with them simultaneously.

What does this mean? Digital artwork is still considered to be a part of traditional types of art. We need to remember that a digital piece still requires the same amount of skills, time, and patience to create it- so don’t give yourself too little or too much credit when you have finally finished one!


Traditional Art

Traditional artwork is a type of artwork that uses physical materials to create something. This can be paintings, sculptures, drawings, and so on.

What are examples of traditional artworks? If you go back to a time way before the days when computer screens became popular- artists would learn how to draw by sketching things around them, such as trees or even their family members.

What does this mean? One example of traditional artwork is the painting you might have hanging up on your wall at home- and how it requires an artist to mix specific colors to create that one perfect shade they were looking for! You can also use different kinds of pencils or paintbrushes when making different types of art pieces.


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