Finding the Perfect Sport to Paint

Painting is a popular hobby for many people and can be done in many different ways. Several factors may determine which type of painting you might prefer to do, such as your physical limitations or skill set, but it’s important to try them all out before deciding on one! Why do you like this particular […]

The Most Common Types of Gallery

What do you think of when you hear the word “gallery?” Do you think of a museum? A high-class art gallery? An art studio? All of these are valid answers, but what about a website that displays pictures to its visitors in an organized way. Yes, this is also a type of gallery! In this […]

7 Gallery Protection and Security Tips for Painters

Painting is an art. Whether you produce physical or digital artwork or love to buy paintings, you need to protect your pieces for security. When building an art collection or working on some of your favorite pieces, the need to protect your gallery for security goes without saying. Protection also ensures your artwork doesn’t get […]


The contrasts are stark. The first thing that I notice is the refinement in both style and observation. The painting which springs from observation is far more developed in the 2012 Linwood piece. In the earlier painting from 1969, I am showing a scene as I thought it to be. In the Linwood piece the […]